100 Days of Practice Giveaway

When we created the Applause to the Musician project the vision was to build a community for musicians to feature their talents and unique stories.  We are both proud and humbled that we’re approaching our first anniversary on March 14th, 2020!  As the project continues to grow with a heartfelt thank you to all those musicians who have participated with us to share their stories.

We have a special “giveaway” to all of the musicians and the concept is simple, as musicians, practice is or should be a daily routine?  The Applause to the Musician Giveaway will award a $100 Visa Gift Card to musicians who faithfully and consistently practice their instrument for 100 consecutive days.

Please see the details below to enter.  We will tag and communicate via our social media channels the progress of the giveaway.  Good luck to everyone and remember, how do you get to perform at Carnegie Hall!

How to Participate in “100 Days of Practice”:

  1. Follow our Instagram account – Applause to the Musician & Subscribe to our YouTube – Applause to the Musician YouTube ( to get featured)
  2. Upload your daily practice video on your Instagram account and tag to #applausetothemusician & #applausemusicians
  3. The length of the video should be at least 100 seconds or more (For IGTV)
  4. Name of the piece of your playing


$100 Visa Gift Card