Mia Bryant

Mia Bryant, 10 years old student at the PianoWhizKids.com studio in Houston, TX has been playing piano since she was 6 years old.  She is performing the 2nd movement of one of Mozart’s most famous piano pieces, Piano Concerto No. 21 to celebrate Mozart’s 265th birthday on January 27th.  Mozart is one of Mia’s most favorite composers because he was a child prodigy who composed and performed for kings and queens when he was a kid.  Mia has studied under Jordan Ong–an award winning piano virtuoso himself–for the past 2 years.  

“I like Mozart because he made famous pieces that I like to listen to (especially the 2nd movement of this Concerto).  This piece makes me feel happy; when I play it, I imagine I am doing ballet in the clouds when it softly begins to rain.”  This is the longest piece that Mia has studied to date.  (In fact, the sheet music when strung together side by side was taller than she was).  

Here are some fun facts about Mozart: stories have said that he could learn a minuet in about 30 minutes; he could play the harpsichord at age 3; at a young age Mozart’s composed concerts to earn money to help support his family: he composed sonatas when he was a kid and at 9 he wrote his 1st symphony.


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