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We do this by interviewing and professionally recording those interviews which are then uploaded to the musician’s social media channels. We think the world is a better place having access to a variety of musical ideas. What better way to express those thoughts than with an interview? There is no cost to the musician except their time devoted to sharing their story. Our interviews focus entirely on the artist being interviewed, simple straightforward conversation about their journey, their challenges, their experiences and ultimately their wisdom in pursuing a music career. Our why, we want to contribute and ensure that the next generation will have the opportunity and privilege to enjoy the beauty of music.

Who We Are –

Applause to the Musician began as an idea in 2018 by Maggie Pollio, aka; Chinese Piano Lady – Maggie has worked as a Piano Consultant since 1992 helping families, organizations, composers, and musicians select the best piano for their needs.  Maggie understands musicians need for additional outlets where they can express their craft to a wider audience without a cost. Maggie’s brother, Kevin Hsieh, is a professional videographer and her husband, Jerry Pollio, an accomplished business consultant together they created the vision for the Applause to the Musician project.


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