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Chad Robinson who founded the Texas New Music Ensemble and is currently the artistic director.  He grew up in Houston but moved around quite often before returning.  The concept of the ensemble began when he was over in Europe and he shares what he saw there and how it shaped how he wants the ensemble to be in the future.  He shares the story of how quickly everything came together as soon as his plane landed, and he was back on US soil.

Another story that Chad shares is that he quickly learned that he could not do everything on his own, which is why he now has multiple board members to help them reach their goals and have the success that they want.

The end of the interview talks about how mistakes are handled, how the musicians take responsibility for making everything sound perfect, and how Chad chooses the music that they perform.  They also share the competition that they created through the ensemble and who judges all the musical pieces that are entered.


PART 2 – All three interviewees are quite busy, as they all teach in between their performances, rehearsals, and their other personal musical ventures.  They all state that this is never an easy path to take, but the rewards are very worthwhile.

The calendar for this year is quite busy and Chad states how they are performing in Houston in late August.  They also talk about the performance that occurred in July, where they collaborated with a dance group for that performance.

This group loves taking an innovative approach to music and wants to keep their creativity flowing and stay artistically stimulating. They each have some A-Ha moments that changed the course of their career, although some were more profound than others.

Chad shares his story of how he has built up experiences over the years and that they have all led him to this group.  He also shares what he would be doing if he was not involved in the Texas New Music Ensemble.

Joanna didn’t have just one moment in her life, but many opportunities made it possible to get her to this point in her career.  She speaks about how making the move to Houston has helped change her perspective on life and music and how she doesn’t think that she would be in the place she is today without that move.

Andrew shares how he loves to focus on long-term goals and do the preparation necessary to achieve goals.  You must listen to see what he would love to spend most of his time on in the future.

The last part of this interview focuses on the things that they think every musician must know.  Music is becoming a huge part of everyone’s life and culture once again, which is good since it opens many doors.  Everyone should keep their fear at bay so that they can see where it takes them.

Joanna actually shares a funny story of the types of music that she hated when she was younger, and interestingly enough, that is the type of music she loves today.

Education is also necessary, but they all share how you need much more than that to be successful.  No one should be afraid to take their own educational path and always look for ways to improve their skills.




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