Applause to the Musician has created a very special online project with an invitation to participate in Beethoven’s 250th birthday in December 2020. Let’s rejoice and honor a composer who has left behind some of the mightiest body of music ever created by one composer.


Ashley Rescot – We chose this piece because my chamber ensemble loves to perform Beethoven. When my cellist and I were asked to perform duets for a lenten concert, we were thrilled to find this lesser-known gem!


Mila is an eight years old piano student –  The first time she heard this piece, she said it makes her feel powerful, and ‘chills’ go through her body. That’s why this is the first piece that she learned to play in about 2 to 3 hours. It’s amazing because she started playing the piano just one month ago.  Let us celebrate Beethoven together with joy!!!