Keyboard Instruments

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Ivajla Kirova – Germany

Ivajla Kirova is a pianist in Germany, while she loves composing; Ivajla also loves to perform concerts all over the world. At the age…


Anthony Korkmaz – Lebanon

Anthony Korkmaz from Lebanon.   He has been taking piano lessons for 8 years, started by learning the basic notes then his parents purchased an…


Vladimir Khomyakov

VLADIMIR KHOMYAKOV performs over fifty recitals a year as a concert pianist, conductor, chamber musician, and soloist with the world’s best symphony orchestras, such…


Sergey Kuznetsov

Dr. Sergey Kuznetsov started his musical education at the age of 5 at the School of Music in Alma-Ata, a provincial town of former…


Clément Bellenger – Belgium

Clément Bellenger is a pianist who is only nineteen years old and he lives in Brussels.  Both his parents love the arts, but they…


Jordan Shangkuan Ong

Jordan is an award-winning film composer, virtuoso, recording artist, and teacher. In this interview, he covers his many career highlights, current projects, and future…