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Rick Valentine

Rick Valentine has been teaching piano for over 35 years.  He holds a Bachelors in Music Education from the University of Houston.  Rick is…


韩婧青年钢琴演奏家,是Trio Spectre(幽灵三重奏)的钢琴成员。韩婧出生于美丽的海滨城市青岛,5岁开始学习钢琴,师从青岛教育学院隋稳鞠教授。

Saun Lee

Saun Lee is an experienced piano technician in Houston.  She tunes and performs regulation and repair on pianos. She is also a piano teacher…

Linzi Wen

Linzi Wen has performed as a solo artist and a collaborative pianist throughout the United States and China. Her notable performances including recitals and…