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Jolynn J Chin – Malaysia

Jolynn J Chin is a pianist from the East side of Malaysia, Sarawak.  She started piano lessons when she was only six years old…


Joe LoCascio

Joe LoCascio, a native New Yorker, has resided in Houston since 1977. A prolific performer/composer, he has seventeen recordings to his credit, many featuring…


Lauren Haley

Lauren dives into her early beginnings growing up in Houston and then relocating to England. Lauren also chats about the learning experiences in auditions…


Chad Robinson

Chad Robinson who founded the Texas New Music Ensemble and is currently the artistic director.  He grew up in Houston but moved around quite…


Karine Gil

Karine Gil went to school to become an Ecologist, but her true love has always been the piano.  She has spent years honing her…


Christian Restrepo

“A Fuga” 3rd Movement From Christian Restrepo’s Piano Sonata     Christian has spent years teaching students and he is still amazed at how…