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Jordan Shangkuan Ong

Jordan is an award-winning film composer, virtuoso, recording artist, and teacher. In this interview, he covers his many career highlights, current projects, and future…


Brian Johnston – USA

Brian Johnston decided at the age of 12 he wanted to pursue a music career as a serious musician. Fast forward to today, Brian…


Alicia Shirley

This coming Wednesday,11/6, you will learn from the mastermind of Piano Pedagogy, Alicia Shirley’s background at the University of Houston Moore School of Music,…


Victoria Kramr

Join Jerry Pollio from Applause to the Musician as he sits down to chat with young pianist Victoria Kramr. Victoria is a full-time student,…


Jakub Niewiadomski – Poland

Jakub Niewiadomski is a pianist from Cracow, Poland.  He watched a concert on television when he was four years and promptly told his parents…


Jolynn J Chin – Malaysia

Jolynn J Chin is a pianist from the East side of Malaysia, Sarawak.  She started piano lessons when she was only six years old…