Vocalists & Singers

Christina Wells

Our next guest Christina Wells – She was a season 13 semifinalist on America’s Got Talent, and now Christina is a full-time performer &…


Nathasha Rumbos – Venezuela

Nathasha Rumbos was born in Venezuela, but she now makes Miami, Florida her home! Her Early Life Nathasha joined her school’s band when she…


Ilaria Ribezzi – Italy

Ilaria Ribezzi is from the small town of Puglia in Sud, Italy.  Growing up, her family lived humbly and simply, but they had excellent…


Raquel Cepeda

Raquel Cepeda is a Jazz Singer and Songwriter who brings the best styles and rhythms from around the world to the refined language and…


DeDe Wedekind

Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter, DeDe Wedekind, is a voting member of the Recording Academy who lives in Houston, Texas. She was recently named the Adult Contemporary…


Miryam Gabriel & Terrell Brinlee

Miryam Gabriel (aka MRYM) is a 21-year-old budding singer who is slowly taking the contemporary Christian music scene by storm. Based in the Houston…