Woodwind Instruments

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Sergio Pallottelli

Sergio Pallottelli was born in New York City but it wasn’t long after that his parents moved them to Italy where he grew up…


Elisabet Franch – Spain

Elisabet Franch was born in Sant Cugat del Vallès, which is a charming city right next to Barcelona in Catalonia, Spain.  She is a…


Shawn Renzoh Head

Shawn Renzoh Head’s career as a shakuhachi soloist (Japanese bamboo flute), chamber musician, recording artist, composer, and lecturer, he is at the forefront of…


Helene Boulegue – France

Helene Boulegue is an incredible musician who plays the flute.  She grew up in France and when she got older, she studied at the…


Alecia Lawyer

The beginning of this second part of the interview with Alecia Lawyer begins with a brief discussion about Piano City Milano before going back…