Art Gottschalk

Art Gottschalk has quite the list of accomplishments, and while he has played the trombone and composed since he was very young, he didn’t aspire to become a musician.  Instead, he went to the University of Michigan and took classes to get his medical degree.  He shares the story of how he ended up scrapping that medical degree and switching to taking classes at a nearby music school.

His parents were very supportive, but they expected him to pay his way on his new path.  He played in soul bands all through college and then sold all his horns when he moved to Houston to teach.  Art shares a story of what he needed to do once he saw how little he was going to be paid as a teacher and it may get everyone thinking before they sell all their instruments in the future!

Art speaks of who he worked with and met his first few years in Houston and how many of them became good friends and colleagues.  He bought his own studio and worked there while still teaching.  In the late 90s, he sold the studio, so he could focus solely on teaching and writing.

He has traveled all over the world, but his career has not been as amazing as other musicians, because he changes course when it comes to sounds.  While this has taken a lot of time from him, Art states that it has helped him have many different perspectives when it comes to teaching his students.

Art shares a story of what happened when he was doing a lecture over in China before sharing how he tries to get his students to determine what they are trying to express with their music.



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