Christian Restrepo

“A Fuga” 3rd Movement From Christian Restrepo’s Piano Sonata



Christian has spent years teaching students and he is still amazed at how some of them can do things that he, or they, didn’t know that they could do!  He reminisces about one of his teachers, who was from Poland, and how she prepared him for all the teachers that he had after her.  He also shares how every student is different and that excellent teacher must know to try many things before finding what works for each one.

He wants to keep composing and teaching piano until the last day of his life, but he also loves spending time doing other things, which he shares within this interview.  Christian is currently composing a new piece of music and he talks about the language that he uses for many of his pieces.  He also states how he is definitely not like Mozart and that he needs to rework pieces of each one of his compositions over time until they are just right.

Christian shares what other projects he has going on right now, as well as where he will be performing next.  He finishes up by stating how people can contact him through his new website and social media, before speaking in Spanish for a couple of minutes.





Christian Restrepo has spent years honing his craft and he has the Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, and Doctorate to prove it, along with many other accolades that are mentioned at the beginning of this video.

He shares a story about how he didn’t love music when he was a child until he found an old cassette tape laying around.  As soon as he popped that tape in to play, and he listened to the piano music that was on it, his world was changed forever.  Christian knew that he was destined to play the piano after that, but he had to improvise in the beginning since he didn’t have his own piano.

He has many favorite composers, but his ultimate favorite is Bach and learning to play his music has made his skills stronger than ever.  Classical music might be his favorite, but he does listen to, and appreciate all other genres.

Christian shares the tools that he uses for teaching his students and how he never wants them to play just like he does.  Instead, he wants them to become a performer in their own way.  He wants his students and other students to know that it is okay to make mistakes, even during performances.  Those mistakes are all learning opportunities, just like every competition he has ever entered has become a learning opportunity for him.

Christian has a few other little pieces of advice for students in this interview as well, so listen to it and learn as he shares many of his secrets.





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