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Ivajla Kirova is a pianist in Germany, while she loves composing; Ivajla also loves to perform concerts all over the world.

At the age of seven, she wanted to play the piano after listening to one of her neighbors who studied to be a pianist at her house playing the last Etude by Chopin (op.25 NO.12). It took a while, persuading her parents to allow her to take piano lessons. Finally, after a few years of practicing, passed the highly talented children exam at the special music school in Bulgaria, also awarded International Prizes for young pianists. She decided to become a professional musician. If she were not a pianist, she could have been a pilot, because music and flying are her two great passions since childhood.

Of course, her dreams did not happen naturally! She studied piano at the State Music Academy in Sofia and Munich and also received numerous diplomas from all the International Master Classes she attended.

One of the stories Ivajla shares with Applause is the one from her very first piano recital.  The power went out in the middle of her piece, and she kept playing while everyone else was searching for candles and matches. Just as she was finishing and the power returned, no one could believe that she managed to play without any interruption or wrong notes!

Among all of the amazing experiences in her artistic life, one of the remarkable events was she received the DKG International Honor Society Award in 2019 for key women educators with extraordinary achievements all over the world.  After she finished playing Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 2 with the AUC Symphony Orchestra in Atlanta.

She has many plans for the future and is thrilled that every decision that she has made has allowed her to reach this point in her career and life! She responds that none of her decisions have truly been bad, because sometimes a wrong decision brings results that are the best for you!

Ivajla has a CD being released in October, her fifth one to date, and she couldn’t be happier. There are also multiple concerts on her calendar and who knows what else the future holds for this professional musician who has dreamed of this success since she was a little girl!



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