Karine Gil

Karine Gil went to school to become an Ecologist, but her true love has always been the piano.  She has spent years honing her skills and she shares her love of music within this interview.  She is currently in the process of moving to Houston, where she will begin to teach students the piano once again.  Karine explains her teaching process and how she creates lessons for each individual student to keep them intrigued and interested.  She even has her students perform in recitals every year, so they can share their skills.

Over the years, Karine has produced quite a few CDs and her very first took her back to her Venezuelan roots.  Her latest is music that was composed with nature in mind and she shares how she has used nature to compose much of her music.

Towards the end of this interview, Karine speaks quite a bit in Spanish, which is perfect for those piano students who do not speak English.  Her thoughts should be considered as words of wisdom that everyone can use to broaden their horizons while playing the piano



Sounds of the Platte River

This melody was composed while I, as crane ecologist, was waiting for the arrival of Whooping Cranes and Sandhill Cranes at the Platte River in Nebraska during Spring migration. The melody describes the water movement flowing around the sandbars,  the roosting areas for migratory birds in the middle of the river.  The main melody is accompanied by arpeggios as the theme passes from the right hand to the left , in the same way that my vision of the water changes from one side of the sandbar to the other  These measures describe the same view that Whooping Cranes may have around their roosts. There are other measures representing the taking off of a Great Blue Heron pair, and the sound of Plovers (Killdeer) which bring the memories of this moment in the nature.



Sounds of the Platte River in Spanish

Esta composición representa los sentimientos y las experiencias de vida de un inmigrante. Fue compuesta cuando hacía mis estudios doctorales sobre la amenazada ave migratoria Whooping Crane (grulla blanca) en la Universidad TexasA&M. La pieza describe la semejanzas entre las aves migratorias y los humanos. La dificil decisión de migrar, las estadías en diferentes sitios, el esfuerzo de empezar y prosperar en un nuevo lugar que es seguido por mejores momentos y culmina con el deseo (o la necesidad) de volver a la tierra de origen.


In this second part of the interview, Karine Gil explains how important it is for piano teachers and students to have a connection.  In fact, she states how there are times when the teacher and students become best friends over the music.

Karine also explains how science works hand in hand with music and how a person will enhance their capabilities as they play the piano.  One topic that Karine speaks quite in depth about in this interview is the starting age for pianists and how she feels that no one is ever too old to start playing music.  She even discusses which instrument she has recently started learning how to play.

Karine took the time to go to school, so she could have two different careers and she encourages other music students to do the same.  She knows that it is important for everyone to find that balance in life, so that they can do everything that they love.  It is from that, that she has one wish, which is that everyone can find a way to become connected to music.  After all, music will always bring people joy.



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