Nathan Felix

Small Talk with a self-taught world-traveling composer, Nathan Felix.

Nathan has a very determined personality and agrees that he is the type of person that will never give up.  He shares an example of how he needed to acquire an advertising background, as well as many other DIY backgrounds, to get to where he in this field today.

Nathan has done many unique performances and he shares a few of them with the audience in this interview.

Nathan used to be in an Indie-pop band years ago and he shares the story of how a drive late at night had him changing from that genre to classical.  The transition was not easy, as he taught himself what he needed to know.  However, he says that it shows that people have more than one route that they can take to get to where they want to be.

He always looks at new interests and obstacles as adventures, which circles back to his personality and never giving up when faced with challenges.


This interview begins with Nathan trying not to divulge too much information on his future projects, because he does not want anyone to steal his unique ideas.  However, he does share that he wants to challenge himself to do work that has never be done before.  A project that is already in the works is something called 25 Pianos and he shares how he plans to achieve this feat.

Nathan seems to be surrounded by many great musicians and he shares how he seeks them out on his own.  He also states how his is always willing to give everyone a chance, as long as they have a love of music.

While Nathan loves composing, he states that this year, most of his time has been spent in other avenues.  He hopes to compose more this summer, as that is when he will have more time.  Nathan does love everything that he does though, which helps keep him going, as he tries to keep his audience engaged.

Nathan talks about the opera that he wrote, War Bride, which focuses on his grandmother’s journey from Great Britain and her marriage to his grandfather.  He shares the entire story with the audience.

His original symphony has also given him so many different opportunities and he shares how thankful he is for them all.

The last part of this interview is about how many rejection letters he has received over the years in comparison to ones that have said yes.  Nathan says that his ratio is improving though.  It is mentioned that people can easily follow his timeline of things that he has done, which has Nathan admitting to being in charge of all his social media accounts, as well as his website.



Everyone evolves over the years, which is why this interview begins with Nathan sharing how his music has changed since he started.  He is not a perfectionist, so he doesn’t wish to change anything that he has done in the past.  However, he wants to continue working hard, using the skills that he has, in the future to see where he ends up.

Nathan shares who has influenced him in music over the years.  He talks about a rock star and a rock band, as well as two composers.  He almost wishes that he had been exposed to classical music sooner but is happy that he found it when he did.

He shares a story about the day prior to this interview, which involved a long drive to go pick up some whiskey.  Yes, he could have sent someone else, but he was doing what needed to be done, which is his personality.

Nathan has always been a grassroots performer and he never wants to lose that.  He shares how he wants to continue and how his journey has always been on an upwards trend.

He has a lot of people to thank for getting him to where he is today and believes that people arrive at just the right moment, when you need them the most.

Nathan is interested in fashion and would like to incorporate that into a musical project in the future.  If he wasn’t doing music, he has another career in mind and many people will be shocked to hear what it is!

Nathan shares an amazing quote from a friend of his and that he responds to every single email that he receives.  He encourages those in Houston, or anyone watching from anywhere else, to contact him if that want to talk or collaborate in some way.  He loves it when people reach out and he can be found via Google or his website and social media.



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