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He composed this piece at age 19…. Enjoy Paul English’s music!



Paul talks about some of the projects that he is currently working on and how they are all in different genres of music.  He loves that he took the time to learn how to play and write these genres because it has given him more flexibility with what he can do within this industry.  He also shares a story of how he hated country music for years and what it took for him to embrace this style of music.

He knows that there is a fine line in music that some musicians seem to stray from, and he understands the pressures that many of them must feel when they turn to alcohol or drugs to attempt to fix their issues.  He wants upcoming musicians to know that those things will never help though and that they must focus on the music instead.

Paul ends the interview with how he was invited to be a Steinway artist and what that invite meant to him after all this time.  He also wants to let the viewers know that he wants to hear about them and their experiences, so feel free to send him a message afterward!



As he was growing up, everyone told him not to go into the music industry for his main job and while it is clear that he didn’t listen, he urges other younger musicians to heed that advice.  He even shares why he thinks that they should follow the advice that he ignored all these years.  He was lucky that he chose Houston as his home and work base when he was starting out, because he didn’t need to work his way up like he would have if he had chosen to move to Los Angeles or New York City.  However, the world is constantly changing, and he goes in depth of how it is easier to get into the music industry now than it was in the past, but how it is more difficult to be successful at the same time.




Interview videos are in production and will be live 4/18.


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