Rada Bukhman

Originally from Siberia, Rada Bukhman grew up in a musical family which influenced her passion of music, beginning from the age of three. As a child, Ms. Bukhman would often accompany her mother, a violinist, to rehearsals and musical performances. Later in her childhood, Ms. Bukhman was accepted into a prestigious music school for gifted children. As she grew up, Ms. Bukhman performed with international musicians, and she was later accepted into a college in Moscow to study piano. In 1990, Ms. Bukhman’s entire family immigrated to Israel where she continued to study music and experienced a more flexible environment for musical education. Ms. Bukhman’s studies have a significant impact on her current teaching methods in which she encourages her students to also learn about the history and the composer to deepen their connection to the music.



In addition to teaching piano, Rada Bukhman has written several highly-acclaimed books to demonstrate activities and techniques for piano lessons. Most notably, Ms. Bukhman favors the Russian School of Piano Teaching due to the organized curriculums incorporating teaching the history of the pieces with technique. With what began with one book, Ms. Bukhman produced a series of books connecting multiple composers and albums into the piano curriculum. Ms. Bukhman also includes artwork in her books as well as her piano lessons, as her students are encouraged to illustrate how they interpret the music they are playing. Through artwork and music history, Ms. Bukhman demonstrates that creating a deeper connection to music is crucial to a student’s success.


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