Tarana Taylor

Ms. Tarana Taylor grew up in Azerbaijan, where from an early age she became interested in piano. Ms. Taylor’s passion for piano performance leads her to graduate with a Master’s Degree in Piano Solo, Chamber Music and Accompanying. In addition to her performance degree, Ms. Taylor also graduated with an MBA and a Master’s Degree in English Translation. Ms. Taylor shares her passion for music with her students, in which she encourages them to read and play music based on their individual musical interests and skill.




In addition to teaching, Ms. Tarana Taylor has extensive experience as a performer and a pianist for the ballets. With each ballet performance, Ms. Taylor incorporates music from all around the world to uniquely enhance each performance. Following her career as the ballet’s pianist, Ms. Taylor now produces instructional videos for pianists aspiring to collaborate with the Houston Ballet. In her instructional videos, Ms. Taylor demonstrates how to uniquely integrate the pianist’s playing with each of the ballet dancers’ presentations.



Pianist Tarana Taylor – J.S. Bach, Goldberg Variations


Learn more about Tarana Taylor: https://balletcenterofhouston.com/staff/tarana-taylor/


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