Terrell Brinlee – From That December

Terrell Brinlee is a professional musician who released an album in late November 2018 titled, “This Intangible Existence.” His upcoming album is set to be released on January 22nd, 2019 titled, “From that December.” Much of Mr. Brinlee’s music is reflective of his personal life experiences and the obstacles he has encountered. Also reflected in his music is Mr. Brinlee’s Christian faith, in which he focuses on the challenges of Christianity in modern-day society.


Ode to Mars by This Intangible Existence – Terrell Brinlee


In addition to producing and writing his own music, Terrell Brinlee is currently collaborating with other musicians as a new career venture. Mr. Brinlee is also a member of the “Christian Songwriters Group” in Houston. While working on his own musical projects, Mr. Brinlee performs for multiple churches in the Houston area. As a professional musician, Mr. Brinlee’s goal is is to reach and engage his audience through social media and internet channels.


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