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Luigi Vincenzo Luca was born in Sicily, Italy, but he currently lives in Catania.  He doesn’t know if he truly ever really decided to become a musician, but he knew he wanted to play an instrument of some sort at an early age.

Musical Education

At the end of elementary school, Luigi still had not had any musical education and no one in his family was a musician.  However, that didn’t stop him from picking up a trumpet at the age of ten and learning how to play.  He also fell in love with the accordion once he heard the Maestro playing it one day.

Currently, Luigi is studying both music and classical accordion at the A. Corelli of Messina Conservatory in Italy.  He is near the end of his studies since it is his 9th year.  He knows how difficult it is to learn how to play classical music, but hard work has allowed him to be really good when he performs.

Luigi is amazed at how people like himself can play something by simply listening to it first and how they can all read score after score of music that interests them the most.  He also realizes that once a person knows how to play classical music, they can basically play any other musical genre they wish.

Playing for an Audience

When Luigi plays for an audience, he would love to be able to play his music as loud as possible, so he can try to connect his soul to those people who are in attendance.  He feels music provides so many different emotions and he wants the audience to feel those emotions like he does.

Current Project

At the moment, Luigi is working on a music project where he is recording many different baroque pieces that include Scarlatti, Bach, and V. Vlasov.  Short movies are also involved with the music and they are filled with old aristocratic structures and dancing.

Luigi’s Obstacles

Just like many other musicians, Luigi has faced a few obstacles over the years.  Learning how to play music can be expensive and there are times when he becomes bored in his classes.

Luigi as a Musician

Luigi honestly doesn’t see himself as a musician, but he does see himself as a passionate student that loves learning how to improve his skills every day.  He loves visiting schools and showing the students how he plays the accordion, while also answering all the questions they have.  He looks at it as a way to positively influence the children when it comes to music and their future.


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