Adam Clay

Coming from a musical family, his parents were guitar players, he was surrounded by music. His first instrument was a guitar given to him as a very young child. Although professing an amateur status as a guitar player, Adam Clay continues to play guitar to this day and is a guitar instructor.

His real love was piano, which he began playing at the age of 7. As an Italian family, Sunday pasta dinner was a weekly ritual. Sunday dinner was held at Grandma’s house. Grandma owned a piano, and it was here on his weekly visits that Adam Clay began his love affair with the piano. As he demonstrated a natural ability to play melodies on the piano and showed an interest in it, the instrument was eventually moved to his home.

Throughout his University years, Adam immersed himself in performing classical music and was chosen to participate in programs for gifted and talented pianists and composers. During his college days, he discovered rare obscure Russian classical compositions written during the darkest days of the country’s history. He applied himself to learning all he could about these unique pieces which often didn’t have written scores available….. Watch his interview to get the full story!



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Adam Clay discussing his new project titled, Journeys and Dreams a collaboration which features the compositions of Adam with Shawn Head and Hsin-Jung Tsai.

The vision of Journeys and Dreams is an exploration of world culture through the language of music. This project features the evolution of music beginning in the East with the sounds of Japanese music. Adam tells the story of meeting Shaw and discovering their similar interests leading to their collaboration on the Journeys and Dreams project.

The conversation then shifts towards the relationship that Adam has with a proclivity to give back to the community. He speaks of his discovery and love of classical music and the importance of exposing others to its depth and beauty. Adam has programs that donates tickets to his concerts to those who would otherwise not be able to afford to attend a classic music performance. He relates how opening the world of classical music to others is a passion superseded only by his love of the music.

The interview moves on to The Houston New Arts Movement to which Adam dedicates his time and energy. It is a non-profit that seeks to expand awareness of the arts. Adam discusses how he dedicates his time to not only the music aspect of The Houston New Arts Movement but is also involved in producing visuals along with being immersed in the business aspects of the foundation. Adam says that he finds this rewarding as it expands his personal abilities.

Mr. Clay discusses his day job as a private music instructor and his personal life as a new father. As a private music instructor, he teaches 10 students of different ages and at different levels. Mr. Clay explains that he has found the best way to engage and spur interest in a music student is to discover their interests. Student assignments are not limited to practice, they also include researching and presenting on composers. Each year his students give a recital for experience in public performance.


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