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Anne-Gabrièle Douce is a French pianist and bassist who now lives in London.  She loved music as a young child and started playing the piano at the age of 6.  Music came naturally to her and she entered her first competition at the age of 7.   She started playing the double bass a few years later, and while she wanted to quit double bass a few times, something always happened to make her keep playing.

First, her parents convinced her to continue for another year.  Then, when she was 11, Didier Lockwood, a jazz violinist, discovered her talent and she began to play for his youth quintet.  Anne-Gabrièle met many other musicians over the years and graduated with a Masters of Performance from the Royal College of Music for both instruments.


Anne-Gabrièle’s Actions to Becoming a Musician

Anne-Gabrièle never thought of being a musician, but she felt a desire to continue playing, especially in front of an audience.  While performing in a concert as a child is fun, playing as an adult can be stressful.  Anne-Gabrièle knows that practice is key to becoming a better musician, so she has worked hard in recent years to increase her practice time.


Anne-Gabrièle’s First Competitions and Concerts

Anne-Gabrièle was just 7 years old when she had her first piano competition.  She remembers this competition quite well because she was so thrilled that she could play for someone outside her family.  Instead of a stool in front of the piano, there was a chair, and due to her size, Anne-Gabrièle had to sit on top of a pile of scores to reach the keyboard.

Thankfully, she wasn’t nervous about this change, and all the hard work that her teacher made her do pay off.  She won the competition and many others since then.

Anne-Gabrièle was 11 years old when she performed in her first double bass concert.  She was in the Salle Pleyel in Paris for the Django d’Or, the equivalent of the Grammy for the jazz.  Didier Lockwood was the host who invited her to play on stage with four other students.  She only knew three scales in jazz since she had only been learning jazz with him for two months.  However, she had an amazing time and loved every minute of it!


Anne-Gabrièle’s Best and Worst Decisions

The best decision that Anne-Gabrièle ever made was to leave France and move to London to earn her degree at the Royal College of Music.  She was able to improve her music skills as a musician but as a person as well.

She has made so many bad decisions over the years, but one of the ones she remembers was when she was 14.  She had to remain quiet about teachers who were being abusive, instead of telling her parents or another adult.  This was horrible because her confidence bottomed out and she lost her passion for music.

Thankfully, when Anne-Gabrièle turned 16, she had two teachers at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, Ramzi Yassa and Felipe Canales, who believe in her.  Their belief helped save her from a breakdown and got her back on the right path.


Anne-Gabrièle’s Unique Story

Most people in France criticized Anne-Gabrièle for playing two instruments because they believed that she was not completely dedicated to either of them.  Thankfully, all that changed when she moved to England, as her ability to play two different instruments were seen as a positive thing.

However, at the age of 17, she wanted to do a piano competition in Belgium.  One of the teachers asked her how old she was and then told her that she would regret it if she did it when she was so young.  When she turned 18, that same teacher wanted to know why she waited so long, because she wasn’t young any longer.

Anne-Gabrièle basically wants everyone to know that everyone should always be careful of who they take advice from because not everyone is trustworthy or knows what they are talking about.


Anne-Gabrièle’s Goals for the Future

Anne-Gabrièle plays a lot over in Europe, but she wants to add more US-based concerts in the future.  She would also like to perform in concerts where she can play both of her instruments.

Another goal is to compose more music for the double bass.  Anne-Gabrièle has been working on this project, but she wants to improve the pieces she has done so far to make them even better.

The last goal that she has includes creating a show that combines classical music, dance, and acting.  She wants to do this show in areas that do not usually know much about classical music, so she can show people how wonderful this genre of music really is.


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