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I’m a Musician Dedicated to Making You Feel Something!

Anthony began playing music at a very early age.  He began with the trumpet at the age of 6 and played it all through high school.  He even made a couple of county groups at that point.  During college, he began to learn how to play the piano, mainly to help him improve how to improvise with his trumpet when he was playing with the jazz band.


Becoming a Musician

He quickly fell in love with the piano and now plays piano as his main instrument.  He’s been performing at events and doing gigs for 7 years, and now, Anthony decided that he wanted to pursue his passion for music.  He built a home studio and has finally started creating.  He recently released music that he recorded back in college and his plan for the future is to record numerous improvisation pieces and release them to the public.

Anthony’s Main Influence

While Anthony listens to many other musicians, his main influence has always been Miles Davis.  He says that he knows more about Miles Davis than 99% of jazz fans.

Performing in Concert

Anthony enjoys performing at concerts and has had a lot of fun!  He has a saying that he shares with his jazz group and it is “In jazz, we don’t make mistakes, we’re just being creative”.

Anthony says practicing for concerts is a MUST and he is a firm believer in practicing the major scales.  Knowing the major scales is key to being able to play anything up on stage.

A Fun Story

Anthony played an Ashley Furniture grand opening, which started at 6:45 in the morning!   It was a unique experience that was treated like a high school pep rally, complete with a DJ and cheerleaders.  In the end, they brought out a motivational speaker that told everyone to be exceptional, unlike a Hershey kiss, which he guessed was not exceptional.

Anthony’s Goals

Anthony plans to provide as much value as possible through his music.  He wants people who are listening to his music can feel everything that the music portrays.  His mission is to create music and share it with others as much as he can.


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