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Brian Johnston decided at the age of 12 he wanted to pursue a music career as a serious musician. Fast forward to today, Brian is now the 2nd trombonist with the Fort Wayne Philharmonic, the regular member with the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, substitute in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and teacher at more than five music schools.

When he made the decision that he was going to pursue music as a career.  At that time, he was performing with a band of kids his own age outside of his middle school and that band was comprised of the best musicians in the entire region.  It was at that point that he realized that he wanted to experience the fulfillment he felt for the rest of his life.

Once he made his decision, he began to look for every musical opportunity available and even volunteered to perform every chance he had. By the age of 15, Brian was dedicated on focusing all of his time and effort on the trombone.

It was at that point when his preparations began to change when he was performing in concerts, recitals, and competitions.  He continued to hone those preparation skills all through college and he uses what he has learned to this day.

Brian spent the last two years of undergraduate school listening to the Chicago Symphony, while also spending time in the library learning as much as he could about the brass section, the names of other performers, and recordings.  He wanted to be successful like those players and he needed to find a way to do that.  This is where he truly discovered the types of music he liked the most and he knows that he has only been as successful as he is because of the extra time and effort he put into himself.

Brian has a few goals for the future, but mainly he wants to continue to climb the music career ladder as far as he can.  He is constantly applying for higher-level teaching and performance jobs.  He is so thankful for all the support he has received over the years, whether it was from his parents, mentors, friends, and even colleagues.

There is one decision that Brian is so happy that he was stopped from making back when he was an undergraduate.  At that time, the skill level of those around him was so high that he seriously considering quitting the field of music.  He wasn’t able to make that decision though, because his parents would not let him quit until he received his undergraduate degree.  In retrospect, he now knows that he was too young to make such an important decision and that it was fear that was urging him to try to do it at that time.


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