Carol Marin

Carol Marin is from Monterrey, Mexico where she currently resides.  The city is very cosmopolitan but it lacked artistic culture and music.  She grew up playing the piano and violin but did not decide to become a musician until the age of 17 which in the industry is considered a late start. Her musical influences started home with her family as her parents were musical connoisseurs.  Her other musical influences include Abdullah Ibrahim, Harpo Marx, Bill Frisell, Carla Bley, Alice Coltrane, Frank Zappa, The Beatles, King Crimson, Dorothy Ashby, and Taggy Matcher to name a few.  She went on to start her musical career with the harp.


Although Carol started her musical journey later in life compared to other musicians, she worked hard to develop her hearing, technique, and instrumental ability.  She learned to develop a good stage presence and worked on being versatile.  Most importantly, she created connections with other musicians.  Since music was not big in her city, she saved money and traveled the world to attend master classes and festivals to experience the greatest musicians.  She went outside her comfort zone and played her harp in the streets, at cafes, and bars; anywhere she could meet other musicians and create new opportunities.  In her musical journey, she has come to know herself more in-depth and built a bigger bond with music.  Her most memorable concert was in 2015 where she performed with other harpists at the Concentus Moraviae, an international music festival in Castle Kinsky, a little town in Czech Republic.


At the start of Carol’s career, her insecurity and fear due to lack of industry knowledge resulted in numerous missed opportunities.  However, she did not let those fears overtake her and took action.  The only way to get over the fear of performance is to perform.  She accepted more opportunities and it became to feel like second nature.  She hopes to explore more in improvisation, record more videos, and commit each week to do more things that inspire her musically.


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