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Elisabet Franch was born in Sant Cugat del Vallès, which is a charming city right next to Barcelona in Catalonia, Spain.  She is a flutist, but that wasn’t the first instrument that she played when she started her musical journey at the age of 7.

The unique story that she loves sharing about her musical adventures is that she started playing piano at the age of 7 and then chose to play the violin as well a few years later.  It didn’t take long for her violin skills to change to the viola, but that even changed during a piano lesson at the Conservatory when she was 12.

She heard a flute lesson in progress in the next room and became fascinated by the sound.  She spent the minutes before and after her next few lessons, standing outside the room where the flute was being played. At that point, she became brave enough to tell her parents that she wanted to learn yet another instrument.  Her parents did not say no, but they were not thrilled with the idea either.  Elisabet’s grandparents came to her rescue and purchased a flute for her.

Elisabet didn’t decide to become a professional musician until after she had finished a year at University.  At the time, she had decided to stop her musical studies and pursue a degree in Visual Communications and Journalism.  She was an excellent student, so she basically told herself that she would be an excellent journalist and didn’t need music.

It took that year in University for Elisabet to see how huge of a mistake she had made!  She felt that music was her life, her soul, and her way to communicate with others!  Elisabet chose to try to become one of the two flute students to be accepted in her University’s Bachelor in Performance and Concert each year.  It took her weeks of practicing non-stop in between classes, yet she was determined to give it her all during the June 2003 exam.

Elisabet was thrilled when she found out that she earned one of the two spots for the program!

When it comes to preparing for concerts, auditions, and recitals, Elisabet says that that is something she had to learn on her own.  She said that she was definitely nervous in the beginning, but over time, she has learned that those nerves are good.  She always practices her repertoire a lot and she takes her time with each piece.

On the day of any performance, Elisabet never looks at her phone or social media, and she just focuses on the task at hand.

Elisabet has one goal and that is to continue to improve her skills.  She keeps listening, practicing, and attending classes when she can.  She is so thankful for her parents and mentors and there are not enough words to express her gratitude to them.

While Elisabet says that her worst decision was giving up music at the age of 17 to go to University, she is thrilled to say that her best decision was realizing she made a mistake and corrected it immediately because music is what makes her smile everyday and she doesn’t know what she would do without it!


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