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Helene Boulegue is an incredible musician who plays the flute.  She grew up in France and when she got older, she studied at the Paris Conservatory.  After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Paris, she moved to Karlsruhe, Germany to obtain her Master’s.  It was during 2010 that Helene received her position within the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra, and she has lived in Luxembourg since that time.

Helene remembers wanting to be a professional flutist since she walked into her third flute lesson.  She was seven years old at the time and while she told her teacher, “I want to be a flute teacher just like you!”, she never really acted on those words until she became a teenager.

It was during those teen years that Helene decided to practice more and even stopped using her beginner flute and started to use a semi-professional one.  In addition to practicing more during the summer, she spent time taking summer courses, so she could meet renowned musicians.

While Helene did many recitals and competitions, the one that stands out in her mind the most is the two that she did for the Paris Conservatory.  Preparation for those auditions were very stressful and she had to go through it twice since she was not accepted the first time.  However, she looks back at those experiences in a positive way, because they prepared her for the many competitions and auditions that she did later in life.  Helene also runs to keep herself calm during those stressful times that include preparing for auditions and concerts.

There are many goals racing around Helene’s head, but the one that she wants to achieve the most is continuing to develop her career as a soloist.  While she loves her position in the orchestra, she would love to be able to go out and perform on her own for a few concerts every year.

She would love to play back in Japan, but currently, she is thrilled that she was able to attend the NFA Flute Convention this past August.  It was her US debut and she loved every minute of it!

Over the years, Helene has made many decisions, but the best one would be when she chose to begin participating in international competitions.  It is difficult to spend so much time practicing a repertoire for competition, but once she made the choice, it helped her grow as a musician.

As for her worst mistake, Helene doesn’t think any of her decisions were bad.  She basically has a policy that when she makes a decision, she decides what is best for her at that moment.  She doesn’t think about her decisions after the fact, because she obviously cannot change them.

Her one life-changing moment came when she went to her first international competition over in Kobe in 2013.  This competition was filled with firsts, including her first time traveling alone and her first time in Japan.  She didn’t make it to the semi-finals, but as she listened to everyone else play, she realized that she went about this competition all wrong.  Yes, she should play the flute the way she knows how, but she should also understand that there is more to competitions and playing.  A musician is all about the music when they play, and she didn’t understand it until that moment.

The competition changed her outlook on music, on how she played, and how she wanted to proceed in the future.  There are so many people that she would love to thank for helping her get to this point in her career!  Her supportive family, her teachers, and her partner have all allowed her to achieve the success that she has strived for since she was a little girl.


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