Ilaria Centorrino

Ilaria started studying piano for fun at the age of 7.  She was a creative child who enjoyed reading, drawing, and painting but she has never dreamed to become a musician.  Her dream was to become a teacher or a doctor.  Ilaria’s mother surely felt something about Ilria, at the age of 12, she decided to take Ilaria to piano lessons from prof. Maria Rita Antonuccio, the first teacher taught me the meaning of effort and love to reach our own goals, and the rest is history!

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I’ve always been a fanciful little girl, I used to paint, write, and sing.  I still think that what makes the difference in music is being able to tell a story, while all the appearances go away.  We will never stop learning and I’m sure  I’m very far from my best, but I’m learning, particularly in this period, the importance of never losing the desire to learn, as if we were always children, trying to feel each time a different sound with the soul.  more time passes and more stories we have to tell and all the musicians have the honor to do it through their music, without distinction of language and nationality.  Music is a universal language made of technique and art, this is what I want to show in my next musical project with a DVD / CD with works played only with the pedalboard.



Life always puts us in front of obstacles, but it’s up to everyone to find his own way to overcome them.  Personally, I overcame the distractions of an 18-year-old young woman.  I understood that perseverance and study always pay and if you keep going you’ll have your satisfactions.  I live in Venetico (Messina – Sicily), a village in front of the sea that in summer is full of people. Venetico is a place full of coffee shops and pubs by the sea, it’s an interesting tourist and attractive place and, in particular, for a girl who uses every free minute to study and improve herself, all this can become a serious distraction.  Who doesn’t like going out with friends or living the experience of the first love?

My family has always warned me and they, fortunately, taught me how to balance between fun and study.  I am 21 years old but I know very well that my happiness and my goals will always come first, I am the priority and I am the investment of myself.



During different international competitions, I also learned that a smile is the universal language of kindness and that being too competitive towards other musicians is not very productive.

We should focus on ourselves and aim for the best without neglecting humility and the true sense of music: uniting people through emotions.

The competitions are very formative experiences for a musician, opportunities to make himself known and to compare different ways to think. I also think that there is nothing more personal than music and that prizes don’t make the real artist.

From my little point of view, I would advise you to live each experience without regrets, aiming to leave a mark in the heart or in the mind of at least one person. I’m sure that the right knowledge mixed with the right expression sooner or later will lead to a reward.



Each success, even the smallest, is good for your career and your soul!!

I am so proud of my first CD dedicated to the Italian influences in the North European organ music. It’s named “Italian influences for organ” and it’s been recorded in the church of “S. Giorgio fuori le mura” in Ferrara on the Claudio Pinchi pipe organ.

This CD is a small but important milestone published in 2019 that I dedicated to my organ professor Emanuele Cardi and my mother Tiziana to whom I owe everything, even simply the fact they created the part of myself I like most.

Another important achievement was to participate in the “IX Miami International Organ Competition”.  When I decided to participate, I didn’t think I would reach the final because I should have competed with many good organists but in the end, I came back as a winner.  A third prize is not like a first, but for me, it means a lot: it is a prize to my sacrifices that goes beyond Europe, hoping that it will be the first of many American adventures!

Usually, we use to say that all the competitions the most important thing is to participate, also without a victory, but it’s equally beautiful to go there with the desire and determination to win and make everyone feel the world that is inside us. It was a great pleasure to spend those 6 days in Miami despite the tropical heat of February!



I love animals, I like to spend my free time with nature and the people I love most.

I like listening to the sound of the sea, the voice of birds singing during the sunrise and I love it when I’m at home and outside it’s raining.

I use to relax with my two cats reading a book and planning my future activities writing everything in my notebook which is a bit like my second world.

When I have free time, I search the tranquility, aiming for what at that moment can cheer me up.

As a good Italian I love good food and cooking in fact in my house there is always something sweet!!  Here in my country, good food is an important tradition, and each kind of goodness makes you happy!

I simply like doing my best for the other, even simply giving a smile to those who need it!


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