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Ilaria Ribezzi is from the small town of Puglia in Sud, Italy.  Growing up, her family lived humbly and simply, but they had excellent values.  She still connects with those values today and loves being positive and smiles at everything within her life.  In fact, her mottos include never give up and never stop dreaming.

While Ilaria loves reading, sports, long walks out in nature, and the water of the sea, it is music that has really captured her heart all these years.  Her mother and grandparents were always listening to the overtures of the opera and when she was six years old, she started to study classical dance and piano.  It was at that time that Ilaria began to subconsciously love both music and theater.

She didn’t begin to study opera until she was 20 years old and that just happened after a casual meeting with a conductor.  Ilaria began her studies at the Scala Choir Academy before continuing at the Accademia Chigiana di Siena and the Accademia lirica di Osimo.  It was during those years that she knew that opera would become her life.

Ilaria loves performing, but the first few times, she felt tension and fear.  She was concerned that she would not do well enough when she was on stage, but with continued practice and study, she gained the confidence she needed.  She knows that performing is an evolving process and she uses a vocal coach, Fernando Cordeiro Opa, and a few pianists that she works with for practice.

The best decision that Ilaria ever made was to never give up, as well as taking advantage of a move to Bologna to work with Opa.  She has always tried to follow her instincts and her heart while being rational at the same time.

Ilaria has quite a unique story and it is about when she made her debut in the opera.  She fell in love with the emotions on the stage, the silence that came before the opera began, the sounds of the orchestra, and knowing that she was one of the protagonists throughout the story.

She has many goals for the future, but her main one is to continue to realize that she must always honor the music and to make small improvements as necessary.  Ilaria wants to sing in theaters that have always been her dream performing destinations.  She never intends to stop what she is doing, since she has worked so hard to get to the place where she is at.

Ilaria wants to thank her family for all the sacrifices that they made for her.  She knows that she wouldn’t be anywhere near where she is today without them.  Everyone can find Ilaria on her Facebook, as well as her YouTube Channel and Instagram links below.  She will have her own website shortly as well.


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