Irene Ruiz

Irene Ruiz grew up in Spain where she still currently resides.  She began her musical journey at the age of 8 where she learned the flute at her hometown’s music school.  At 18, she decided music was her future and went on to obtain a Bachelor’s at Pamplona’s Conservatory in Spain, then spent two years studying the piccolo in Paris at Xème Arrondissement and thereafter went on to Messina, Italy to achieve a Masters in flute interpretation.  Irene enjoys playing the flute from her very first lesson.  She genuinely enjoyed practicing at home and at a young age she realized she did not want music to not be a constant in her life.

Irene’s Musical Style

Irene defines herself as an imaginative and persistent musician.  No matter how many failed auditions and difficulties along the way, she continues to strive and express her passion.  In Irene’s younger years, her teachers described her as instinctual in her performances.  She does not overthink the music and its expression, and instead, just lets the music flow naturally.  In the past few years, with more experience and practice, she has really tapped into the power and deepness of her artistry and music has become the biggest part of her life.  She believes music is about giving; giving ones inner self to others and devoting time to giving the best and most genuine performance one can give.

Irene’s Goals and Accomplishments

Irene’s first goal in music was getting into her town’s music band which she accomplished at the age of 11.  She cherishes those moments and is so grateful for the opportunity that she still makes time to perform there to this day.  Currently, she’s more focused on going on auditions as she hopes to play more professionally.  Irene has attained numerous accomplishments over the years and has matured immensely during her musical journey as it required her to step outside her comfort zone and overcome any anxieties or fears.  She would not be where she is without the support, financially and emotionally, from her family, friends and teachers.  Each person has made a significant influence in her growth.

Beyond the Music

Irene believes that for her to be flourished and healthy musician she should also partaking in activities outside of music or the day-to-day nuances of her flute profession.  She recently started taking pilates and highly enjoys it as it brings her calmness and braveness.  She also enjoys singing in her local choir but also plays the piano during rehearsals.  For extra tranquility, she takes walks on the countryside around town with her mother and friends.  Her drive to become a force in music has not deterred her from personal relationships and has managed to maintain decade long friendships, especially with non-musician friends that have helped keep her grounded.


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