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Jennifer Schroeder was born in Oberhausen, Germany and is currently living in Bydgoszcz, Poland, where she is studying at the Academy of Music.

Jennifer’s Early Life

Jennifer started playing the piano at the age of 8, due to the inspiration she felt from listening to her father playing his guitar.  She played for many years before deciding to become a professional pianist when she was 16.

It was at that time that she knew she needed to increase her practice time and started playing between five and ten hours each day.  She also learned more about music theory, researched detailed information about different composers, and eventually started going to international piano competitions and doing a lot of concerts.

Concerts and Competitions

Jennifer has always had a huge problem with stress, whether it was a major exam in school or the preparation for upcoming concerts. However, that is slowly changing, due in part to the techniques that her professor, dr hab. Katarzyna Rajs has shown her. It was that assistance that has allowed her to feel less stressed before, and during concerts, which has led to her being awarded many first, second, and third place prizes.

“Dr hab. Katarzyna Rajs has a great psychological and pedagogical approach. She treats each of her students individually and makes every effort while working on the repertoire so that everything is done in the best and most beautiful way possible. Dr hab. Katarzyna Rajs is definitely my authority, inspiration and motivation. It was thanks to her that I got rid of stress during performances and began to occupy leading places at piano competitions. I have been awarded the 1st Prize at the 29th Young Musician International Competition ‘Citta di Barletta’ (Italy), First Absolute Prize at the 7th International Piano Competition in Ischia (Italy), 2nd Prize at the Young Euregio Piano Award in Geilenkirchen (Germany) and 3rd Prize at the IV. Danubia Talents International Competition in Budapest (Hungary).”

She recommends playing in a lot of concerts before a competition and plan your playing time, and what you are playing, wisely during practice.

According to Jennifer, the key to success is to be inspired by different interpretations of pieces of music played by various pianists in order to create your own vision of a piece of music. What’s more, it is important to find the right person – a priceless teacher who will help us to find the correct music way and will be a great motivation for further development.

Jennifer’s Missed Opportunities

When Jennifer graduated from first-degree music school, she took a break from music for three years. She had no idea what she wanted to do next, but she quickly realized that she loved music the most and wanted it to be in her future forever.

Jennifer’s Unique Story

Jennifer may have played the piano since she was young, but she didn’t always love it. It took her years to realize that she could express herself through her music, and once she did, it was such a freeing feeling.

She is thrilled to say that she took masterclasses this year, XX Warsaw Piano Workshop, and a famous pianist, Gintaras Januševičius, invited her to the prestigious Academy in 2020. This is such an honor because an outsider cannot register for this opportunity, it must be earned.

“Gintaras Januševičius travels around the world and selects only 11 pianists for the International Piano Academy Feuerwerk Einbeck.  We will have classes with a music psychologist, physiotherapist, classes in a recording studio and our own recording session as well as master classes with Januševičius. During the last week of the winter Academy, we are going together on a tour in Germany, where we will play concerts in a different city every day.”

A Sentence Jennifer Things Describes Herself

“Never give up your dreams – dreams are to become reality and you have to realize them, not just think about them.”

Jennifer’s Goals

Jennifer would love to give concerts and share music with as many people as possible. It gives her great joy to use her talents to inspire others.


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