Joanna Sochacka

Joanna Sochacka is from Poland and currently lives in Vienna and Cracow.  She started her musical education at five years old.  Her first instrument was the piano which was constructed in Germany before the war.  Although it was not in good condition, she happily put it to use.  When her parents enrolled her in music school, Joanna was overjoyed with tears as that was what she hoped for.  Music has always been one of the most important things in her life.  There was never a doubt in her mind this would be her profession. Her story is all about passion and hard work.


Joanna started her musical journey by attending the School of Talents in Tymbark, Poland.  She was mentored by the Director, Halina Waszkiewicz-Rosiek, after noticing the immense talent Joanna could achieve.  Quickly, the school became her second home and at a very early age, she started to compete internationally.  At the age of eight, she also had some chamber music ensembles.  At age 12, she decided she wanted to become a pianist.  This epiphany came as she gazed at the stars listening to Chopin’s 1st Piano Concerto.  Soon after, she studied in Cracow, first in the second-degree music school and then at the Academy of Music with professor Andrzej Pikul.  She cites 2018 as the most difficult year as she began her studies for a Masters in Geneva, Switzerland with professor Fabrizio Chiovetta, in conjunction with a Ph.D. at the Academy of Music in Łódź, Poland with professor Hanna Holeksa.  Additionally, she was currently accepted to the Swiss Mobility Exchange Programme and studying under the tutelage of professor Milana Chernyavska at Kunstuniversität für Musik und darstellende Kunst in Graz, Austria.


Joanna’s Goals and Accomplishments

Joanna has achieved and overcome many pitfalls.  There have been more failures than successes; however, all the struggles have taught her how strong she is and that giving up is not an option.  She has achieved two CD recording contracts which will be performing Chopin’s Preludes Op. 28 and sonatas written by a popular polish composer, Grazyna Bacewicz.  She is extremely motivated and is also planning to write a book about Grazyna Bacewicz’s works of art.  What keeps her going is the encouragement from her family and friends and the joy of spreading positivity and her passion to others.

Beyond the Music

Joanna was not always only focused on music.  In her earlier years, she preferred to play basketball and have free time with friends. Joanna states that if the music was not her profession, she may have become a singer or actress.  During her spare time, she loves to stay active and to eat.  It may be questionable which is her true passion, music or food.  She also hopes to have more free time to volunteer in a hospital and give back in more ways than musically.


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