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Joel Philippe von Lerber, harpist extraordinaire, took his first harp lesson at the age of six. Joel manages a full repertoire which includes orchestra, harp solo, chamber, and many successful competitions. Currently working on his first solo CD, expected release, end of this year, stay tuned!

Joel Philippe von Lerber has been playing since he was 6 years old.  Of course, he knew at the age of 4 that he wanted to play the harp, but his parents managed to hold him off for a couple of years before he started to take lessons.  He had never seen anyone playing the harp before, so no one is sure where his fascination came from, but he obviously has the skills that are needed for this instrument.

One of the worst decisions that he made was stopping practicing and playing the harp altogether when he was 10 years old.  He only stopped for six months, but it is something that he remembers to this day.

He never thought about becoming a professional musician until he was around 15 years old.  At that time, his teacher told him that he was quite advanced, and he took an entrance exam for Musikakademie Basel.  He was accepted there at the age of 17, although he already felt like a semi-pro since he had already been performing since he was 14.

His very first performance was when he played at a wedding for friends of his parents.  Joel Philippe had felt honored that he was being given the opportunity to play and get paid for it at the same time.  He performed quite often after that, basically every chance that he had.

The one thing that he would like everyone else to know is to never give up and never compare yourself to someone else.  There is already enough competition and pressure, so do not add to it.  Of course, he also wants people to know that while you will have successes, you will also have your fair share of disappointments and rejections.

Joel Philippe has been part of orchestras, chambers, and competitions for many years and has performed numerous solos in them.  He is currently working on his first CD, which should be out by the end of this year.  He is also working on a few new pieces for future concerts, as well as a couple of new programs.


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