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Jolynn J Chin is a pianist from the East side of Malaysia, Sarawak.  She started piano lessons when she was only six years old and it was around the age of seven or eight that she knew she wanted to be a professional musician.  She did try a couple of other instruments while learning the piano, and she also sang, but by the time she was thirteen, she knew the piano was the only musical talent she truly loved.

Over the years, she trained to play classical music, including an etude from Liszt or Chopin, a prelude and fugue of Bach, and a sonata from Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven.  At the same time though, she was exposed to so many other genres of modern music.  Her favorite classical-crossover musicians include Maksim Mrvica, Dave Brubeck, Havasi, Vanessa Mae, and David Foster.  They all inspired her to be more creative in all areas of her music.

As soon as Jolynn decided to become a professional musician, she continued to perfect her art.  She made sure that she kept performing and meeting the right people because then more opportunities were given to her.  She continues to seize those additional opportunities to this day, so she can continue to grow as a pianist and a musician.

Jolynn played her first concert when she was eleven, and while she was too young to process everything, she loved the thrill of being on stage.  Jolynn never felt nervous or anxious when she walked on stage, but that changed when she did her first international competition.  Everyone had to gather in groups of four backstage and there were twenty judges waiting to hear them each play.  No one from the public was allowed to watch, but each group had to watch a couple of people before them.  She heard amazing sounds of Liszt’s La Campanella and Paganini Etude, and she was trembling by the time she walked onto the stage.  Thankfully, those nerves helped Jolynn deliver a wonderful performance and she ended up with the Gold Prize for that competition.

She has made many decisions over the years, and while they have not always been the right ones, she is a huge believer that everything happens for a reason!  So even though Jolynn may have made some bad decisions, they have all led her to where she is today!


Jolynn is quite happy to be able to play the piano and share her love of classical, pop, and jazz music with the world.  She is also thrilled that Applause to the Musician is helping her reach this goal that she has had since she was a little girl.

Jolynn has many other goals for the future, but at the top of the list is performing during a world tour.  She is hoping to make this dream come true after she releases her EP, Beyond Classical.  She loves her fans and she wants to continue to focus on them, as they have been her biggest cheerleaders over the years.


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