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Melany Thompson is from Sydney, Australia and while she started playing the piano at the age of 4, she is not sure exactly when, or if she ever, made a conscious decision to become a musician.  She spent most of her childhood playing the piano, but then stopped playing so much when she started her corporate career.

It was at that time that she was so focused on her work, as well as getting married and starting a family.  However, during the last twelve months or so, she has shifted most of her focus back over to the piano and her music.  Now that she has been working on her debut solo piano album, she thinks that maybe she should consider herself as a musician.

Things have been moving quite fast for Melany now, especially since she had a confirmed recording date in place.  She had so many songs to consider and she truly had to focus to make this dream become her new reality.  Everything went really well with the first album, so Melany is now working on a second one.

While Melany hasn’t performed in quite some time, she does remember performing in concerts and recitals as a child.  She was always very nervous, but once she sat down at the piano, she would relax and just focus on the music.

One of the performances that Melany remembers the most was at the Sydney Opera House.  She was 12 years old at the time and the grand piano was so shiny.  She kept looking at the reflection of her fingers playing and was so concerned that she would become distracted for a moment and forget where she was in the music.  She felt so lucky that her fingers seemed to be on autopilot, because she doesn’t know what she would have done if they weren’t doing what they were supposed to!

When it comes to making bad decisions, the one that stands out to Melany the most is when she quit playing the piano at the age of 13.  Her parents didn’t force her to continue, which made her own her decision even more.  However, while it wasn’t her best decision, it did give her the chance to miss the piano, which allowed her to start playing again a few years later.

Melany says that the piano has always been a source of relaxation, creativity, and expression for her.  She loves how she can express certain feelings and emotions that she wouldn’t always be able to articulate.  She feels a deep connection to all the songs that she writes, and while it took her time to develop the confidence to record her music, she decided that it was finally time to take the risk and do it!

She is currently writing more music and working on her next album.  This is a huge learning curve for her, but Melany finds it truly stimulating and creative.  Her one main goal is to have her music heard within the film and television industry, so that is what she will be working towards next as well.

Melany is so thankful to her family, as they have always been her biggest fans, and she can’t wait to see what happens next with all their support.


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