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Nathasha Rumbos was born in Venezuela, but she now makes Miami, Florida her home!

Her Early Life

Nathasha joined her school’s band when she was in the 8th grade and she had no idea which instrument she wanted to play.  The only thing she did know at the time was that she wanted to be surrounded by music as often as possible.

She started playing the French horn but hated it immensely.  It wasn’t until she watched the singer performing with the band that she realized that she would prefer singing much more.  Nathasha began to sing at her church, Casa de Jesus, and shortly after that, she began to write her own music.

In high school, Dr. Michael M Krop High School, she joined the chorus, which was called the Starlight Singers.  She had many influences over the years, but the main ones were Shakira, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and Ariana Grande.

Becoming a Musician

As soon as Nathasha graduated from high school, she knew that she wanted to pursue music professionally.  She auditioned for, and was accepted into, the Frost School of Music of the University of Miami.  Unfortunately, she didn’t receive enough financial aid and chose to quit music.

Thankfully, two years ago, a memory popped up on her Facebook page and it lit a spark in her soul once again.  It was at that time that Nathasha got a voice teacher and started to write music again.

Concerts and Performances

At her first high school concert, Nathasha freaked out!  She froze, forgot the lyrics to the song she was supposed to sing and ran off stage.  She eventually got over her stage fright, thanks to her chorus teacher, Mr. Keating.

Once she started playing gigs again, she realized how much she has missed being on stage.  She was at Bayside a couple of weeks ago and the energy she felt while performing was amazing!  She wants to continue feeling that passion long into the future.

Nathasha’s Missed Opportunities

Nathasha looks back at those four years in college, when she quit music, and wonders how much further she would be in her career if she had continued to work on her technique and voice.  She now regrets quitting, but she focuses on moving forward and not letting time dictate where she should be.

Nathasha’s One Sentence Description

“No matter what life throws you, take it and turn it into greatness!”

Nathasha’s Goals

Nathasha wants to work more on her own pieces and get more of them mastered before the end of the year.  She is close with one, Sayonara, and then she will work on the one she calls Menea.  She is currently exploring different genres of music, so she can get a good idea of how she wants her music to sound like in the future.

She plans on performing more and wants to audition for shows like The Voice and American Idol.  She thinks that that will help her grow as a musician and will let her continue to find herself and lead her to where she should be.


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