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Nemanja Stankovic was born in Serbia, which at the time was part of Yugoslavia. He spent most of his younger years studying the cello in Serbia, Italy, and  Austria.

Nemanja started to play the cello when he was five years old, and he was amazed at how he could express himself musically with this instrument. Nemanja always had a higher level of discipline, which he aware of the need to succeed as a musician. He loves setting goals and creating priorities while competing with himself because he knows that is the only way to become better in life.



Nemanja’s First Competition / Performance

Nemanja’s first public performance was at age seven, and he doesn’t remember whether or not he had stage fright, but he does remember taking home first prize at the competition in Belgrade. He recalled that it was a few years later when he discovered the difference between competing and performing. He prefers performing better because he can interact with the audience more.


Nemanja believes that every decision that he makes is the right one. After all, there are no second chances, and a person should focus on the future.


Nemanja’s Goals for the Future

Nemanja believes that his entire life is a unique story that he lives out every day as a principal cellist for Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra for the past eight years, and now, he has decided to focus on performing as a soloist and a chamber music player.

He is also busy performing with “Trio Immersio,” which is an ensemble he is a member of, together with his colleagues Vira Zhuk (violinist) and Mariam Vardzelashvili (pianist). They are going to be playing in many countries, including Tunisia, Turkey, Georgia, Italy, Poland, and Musikverein in Vienna on November 15, 2019. He will be doing solo performances over the next few months.

Nemanja is also looking forward to continuing to teach Chamber music at the Music Academy in Belgrade.  Still, he is preparing his second CD,  with new pieces written for cello by prominent Serbian composers, in 2020.  One of the pieces is Etude “Scappare” for cello solo written by Anja Djordjević, the official video of it was released earlier this year.  Please check out his YouTube channel.


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