Os Barbapapas – Brazil


Os Barbapapas’ Early Life

This group of three began playing music in their early teens, but it was more for pleasure.  After some time, they realized that they were working with the music and it was at that time, they decided that this would be their career.

The members of Os Barbapapas decided they had to study music if they wanted to continue their musical journey. They didn’t have computers at the time, and it wasn’t effortless to find books on music. Therefore, they waited for magazines that taught how to sing harmonies to arrive at their local magazine stand. They also listened to different Brazilian folk songs, African music, rock, blues, and even Ravi Shankar.

Os Barbapapas Concerts

It takes a concentration of music and connection of the audience to succeed when playing in concert. Os Barbapapas studied the different elements of the music with a better understanding of the rhythm, melody, and harmony when they were practicing the pieces because it allows them to understand how to perform the music at the concert best. While every show has been fantastic for them, it was their first one that was the most memorable.


Os Barbapapas is a trio who mixes music from many cultures with contemporary sounds.  One of the instruments they use is the glass harp, which is a 19th-century instrument.  When the glass harp is added to the guitars, it creates an amazing sound.

One Sentence to Describe Themselves:

“Aboriginal balance of the galaxies”


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