Rebecca Blau

Rebecca Blau is from Germany and now resides in Switzerland.  Her music journey started at the age of 3 when she performed in concert and it brought such joy.  She knew she always wanted to play the flute but at such a young age, the instrument was too big for her.  As she grew a bit older, she finally got her first flute and started lessons in her hometown.  Her instructor saw her potential and helped her transition to a high school for music. She describes herself as not a standard flutist as she accommodates herself in all aspects of the musical world.

In high school, she played in the youth orchestra and ensemble.  With that, she was able to develop numerous connections with other young musicians and composers.  Working with composers at such a young age was one of her biggest impacts.  She went on to study at the Robert Schumann Hochschule in Düsseldorf for her Bachelor’s and did two years of the Erasmus Exchange Program where she studied in Belgium and France.  These experiences opened her eyes to the differences in teachings in varying countries.  This gave her an extensive background on how to work on sound, vibrato and musical phrasing.  Rebecca is currently working on her Master’s at Hochschule in Lucerne, Switzerland.  Her studies not only include intensifying her flute abilities, but also learning interpretation in contemporary music and freelancing.


Goals and Accomplishments

 She hopes to play more chamber and contemporary music.  She would love to put pieces together in context and find more interesting and uncommon places to perform.  Playing in an orchestra is one of her goals but in the long future.  Currently, she is more focused on developing her own chamber music groups and performing around the globe. Rebecca has had the opportunity to travel around the world and meet various musicians.  She has played in Belgium, Austria, Cuba, Latvia, Italy, Germany and France and more exciting performances to come.  You will have to follow her on social media to stay tuned.


Obstacles and How To Overcome 

With Rebecca’s years of the musical learning journey, she has learned to never do something when she does not yet feel prepared.  And in contrast, when she’s ready and motivated she will go for it without any procrastination.


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