Rick Valentine

Rick Valentine has been teaching piano for over 35 years.  He holds a Bachelors in Music Education from the University of Houston.  Rick is in demand as an adjudicator, clinician and speaker.  He is currently serving a two-year term as President of the Texas Music Teachers Association (TMTA).  His student enjoy membership in the TMTA Student Affiliate program.  Through Student Affiliate, students are allowed to participate in many great programs such as the TMTA Theory Test, Ensemble Program, Original Composition, Publications Program, Festivals and Recitals, to name a few.

Mr. Rick (as his students refer to him), uses a combination of traditional piano pedagogy methods alongside the latest in technology.  He strives to meet each students needs and organize each lesson to fit the needs of the individual student. He attends two major continuing education conference each year to stay abreast of the latest techniques in piano teaching.


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