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Sara Zoto is a violinist born in Albania who currently lives in Italy.  Her mother and brother are both musicians, not surprising that she started playing the viola when she was only eight years old!

Sara’s Education

Sara grew up in Tirana, which is the capital of Albania, and she attended music school there from elementary school all the way through high school.  She is currently finishing her studies in Trieste, Italy.  Her professor A. Amendola, brings her closer to her dream of continuing to be a musician.

Sara’s Experience on Stage

The first time Sara stepped foot on stage, she was nine years old.  She had heard it was a scary and uncomfortable place, but when she was up there, she felt as if she wanted to stay up there forever.

Sara’s Best Story

Since Sara plays the viola, she has many stories that she could share.  However, the one she likes to talk about the most is the story from when she was in Berlin for orchestra concerts.  She was playing first viola in the concert already, but her Professor’s colleague became ill and could not perform their two viola Telemann concert.  Her professor asked her to step in and do it, and while she was scared, her love for music made her say yes immediately.  Her advice to people is if you love something, do it, even if you are scared!

Sara’s Current Projects

She just finished a couple of projects to start off the year and she has more in the works for the rest of 2020.  A couple of them are surprises, one includes her as the pianist and her brother.

Sara’s Challenges

Sara realizes that it is never easy being a musician and that was evident during her childhood because she spent her days practicing instead of doing regular kid stuff.  Now, she is sacrificing time with her family, because she is away from home all the time.

Sara’s One Word or Phrase to Describe Her

While many musicians have a whole phrase to describe themselves as musicians, Sara has just one word and it is Warmachine.


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