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Sergio Pallottelli was born in New York City but it wasn’t long after that his parents moved them to Italy where he grew up and still remains.  However, he is now residing in Houston, Texas.  Sergio strives to tell his truth through his music and provide genuine experiences in his artistry.

Sergio decided he wanted to become a musician at the young age of ten.  It was around that time; he heard a flutist play at a concert and he knew that was how he wanted to spend the rest of his life.  Once he made that decision, he began taking lessons from some of the best musicians in his area.  He took his practice seriously and traveled around the world to listen to who he considered as the best of the best.


Sergio’s Thoughts on Concerts and Other Performances

Unfortunately, where Sergio grew up in rural Tuscany, there were limited outlets to perform.  Therefore, he always considered and still considers it a privilege and thrill when able to perform on a stage and share his music and passion with an audience.

Sergio has played all over the world and his most memorable moment was the summer of 2019 when he performed as a guest artist at the Japanese Flute Convention in Fukuoka, Japan. This was Sergio’s first time in Asia and it was such an incredible experience that he is still at a loss for words when describing that experience.

What is Sergio’s Most Memorable Story?

While Sergio has an abundance of stories he could tell, one of his most unique experiences was a recital where he played for an audience of only one. He expected a full house, and the story of how it came to be is trivial, but it was an all-around emotional experience that resulted in more appreciation for his music.

Were There Missed Opportunities in His Music Career?  

Sergio does not consider any part of his musical journey as a missed opportunity.  Instead of choosing to look at them as such, he looks at those opportunities as a new path that led him exactly to where he should be.


Sergio has come a long way over the years and is happy to say he has attained the life he dreamed.  He is mainly a soloist and chamber musician and is fortunate to be able to make music and share ideas.  He plans to continue learning and growing as a musician and advises that there is no limit to what you can achieve in life. He hopes to continue to put his heart and soul into his music and see where it may lead.


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