Sylvia Yixiu Yan

Yixiu Yan studied bamboo flute, bawu, hulusi, xun, xiao, and paixiao with Mr. Lizhong Zhang, renowned in China as a wind instrument player and educator. Yan went on to serve as a training teacher at Zhang’s Orchestral Music Studio, the Jichang Qian and Xinhua Elementary Schools, and the Hailang Model Training School. Her exceptional command of the instruments earned her first place at the National Youth Competition for Chinese Traditional Instrument Performance, the golden prize at the Competition of Chinese Traditional Instrument Performance of Liaoning Province, and an invitation from Mayor Xilai Bo of Dalian, China, to perform at a historic cocktail reception for the 50th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. In addition, she made numerous television appearances in Dalian and for the China Central television network in Beijing. She has also toured in Tokyo and Kitakyushu, Japan, as a representative of Dalian.

Above the presentation of the Chinese Piano Lady channel, “Applause to the Musician”, host Jerry Pollio, interviews Chinese Bamboo Flute Teacher, Yixiu Yan. She discusses the wide variety of Chinese Bamboo Flutes and her experiences participating in Flute competitions in China beginning at a young age. Yixiu re-counts that traditional Chinese Bamboo Flutes are handcrafted in a variety of keys, sizes, and styles. Yixiu says the flutes are more popular now than when she was a growing up in China. Yixiu continues to teach Chinese Bamboo Flute after immigrating to the US. She teaches both Chinese youth and adults who are predominately American born. Yixiu lessons enable her students to engage with their cultural roots. As an international Chinese Bamboo Flute Performer, Yixiu continues to perform live, on television and at events as her teaching schedule permits. Currently instructing 18 students, Bamboo Flute Teacher Sylvia Yixiu Yan reiterates what all music teachers preach that practice is essential. She emphasizes that practice must begin on day one when learning to play the Bamboo Flute. She demonstrates her ability to hold a note for an extended time which she tells the host is a practiced ability.


YiXiu Sylvia Yang relates that most American born Chinese students have a personal desire to learn the Chinese Bamboo Flute. This internal desire allows them to naturally dedicate time to practice enabling them to appreciate not only the language of the notes, but it also teaches them the history and culture that the Chinese Bamboo Flute represents.


闫亦修 系中国竹笛专业委员会会员。曾为张立忠民族管乐工作室竹笛教师,兼任大连机场前小学、新华小学、大连海浪模特艺术学校竹笛教师。闫亦修8岁起师从于著名民族管乐演奏、教育家,辽宁省笛箫学会会长张立忠先生学习竹笛、巴乌、葫芦丝、埙、萧、排箫等管乐。2000年春,在张立忠老师的推荐下,拜中国音乐学院笛子大师张维良为师。





Contact Sylvia Yang for the Chinese Flute Class: 832.274.8991


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