April Zhi Li-Thompson

10 Interview

I had the most fantastic experience with the “Applause to the Musician” interview!  Mr. Jerry, the host, was very pleasant to talk with and made my nervousness to talk in front of the camera much more manageable. He made me feel very encouraged and relaxed.  Mrs. Maggie is very knowledgeable concerning piano manufacturers; she knows almost every manufacturer of pianos in the entire world! She also has very good taste in piano selection as well. Mr. Kevin, who was the producer and the man behind the cameras, was very professional, and very patient with me to explain how I needed to look at the different cameras throughout the whole process. I was amazed by how professional the whole team was and I am very grateful to have been invited to be interviewed. Thank you, Jerry, Maggie & Kevin!


Full interview: https://applausetothemusician.org/musicians/april-zhi-li-thompson/


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