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I was recently interviewed by “Applause to the Musician,” and it was a delightful experience! Jerry, Maggie, and Kevin made the interview relaxed and fun!

Houston Airports created Harmony in the Air to provide a positive passenger experience and promote Houston’s extraordinary musical talent.  By taping the interview live on location, “Applause to the Musician” had the opportunity to witness the wonderful impact that Harmony in the Air has on the passengers. The interview was done extensively and professionally and included not only my perspective as founder and director of the program but also the perspective of the musicians that were performing during the taping. The piece also included live testimonies of some of the passengers who spoke about the beautiful experience of having live classical music at the airports. Thank you to “Applause to the Musician” for supporting the arts and for encouraging musicians to follow their dreams and pursue their passion for music!

Maricela Kruseman  |  Program Manager  |  City of Houston


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