Jan Vanderhaagen

Jan VanDerHaagen is a certified piano technician who began his studies in 1980 after moving to Houston. In addition to serving the Houston area, Mr. VanDerHaagen worked as a piano technician in Puerto Rico’s Conservatory of Music and later in Chicago before returning to Houston. In his career Mr. VanDerHaagen worked as a piano technician for renowned piano companies in Houston such as Holcombe-Lindquist and H&H Music, and currently with Houston Piano Company. Through his many years of experience as a piano technician, Mr. VanDerHaagen experienced the changes of how piano are manufactured noting that in recent years, pianos are built using more sophisticated equipment than before. As a technician, Mr. VanDerHaagen stresses the importance of having a piano tuned on a regular basis to maintain the tonal quality, even if the piano is not played on a frequent basis.


Jan Vanderhaagen can be reached at 832.661.7693


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