Andy Bradley

The interview begins with Andy stating how technology has changed since he began in the recording engineering industry.  He states what equipment they used back when he started and how it compares to what he uses today.  Andy does insist that while digital technology is good, especially for the editing process, analog is still the way to go.  Digital technology just has not advanced enough to bring it into the studios full-time yet!

Andy explains what each one of his days are like and while they may seem the same, they are also quite different.  This is mainly because he does all types of music, but he does share that there is one music genre that he has never worked with before.

Andy has met many different people over the years, and he talks about some of them during this interview.  He shares what they are like and it was to work with them.

It takes years for a person to learn how to work in this industry, which is why he never encourages people to get the software and try to become an expert over the course of two or three days.  Instead, he shares what people need to do if they want to be a recording engineer like he is.

One of the last things that Andy shares in this interview is that he will be scaling back his work starting this month.  He will be choosing who he works with carefully, so that he can spend more time with his family.



This is the first part of our interview with Andy Bradley and he has been working within the recording engineering industry for thirty to forty years now.  He has held many positions over the years, including part owner of a sound studio, and now works as a freelance recording engineer.

He shares the story of his life during this portion of the interview, including where he was born, where he lived, where he went to college, and how he ended up moving to Houston.  You will never believe what his major was in college!  We will say, that it was not music or sound engineering!

Andy shares a story of the life that he led while living in Australia and how he did live audio for some time before switching over to the recording studio.

When he left the studio that he co-owned a few years ago and became a freelancer, every single one of his clients chose to continue to work with him.  He explains a little about the time that it takes to record music and then do the editing.  This is definitely not a job for someone who likes getting things completed quickly!



Andy Bradley has many stories about artists that he has worked with over the years. One story that he talks about in this video is the one about Beyonce and how he worked with her when she was starting out.



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