What We Do

Applause to the Musician unites with musicians via both virtual and live interviews to learn about the musician behind the instrument.  Their challenges, successes, and lessons learned which creates the conversation. If you like more insight, click our reviews  and social media channels

Our interviews focus entirely on the artist being interviewed, simple straightforward conversation about their journey, their challenges, their experiences and ultimately their wisdom in pursuing a music career.  Our why, we want to contribute and ensure that the next generation will have the opportunity and privilege to enjoy the beauty of music.

We do not know where this journey will take us but we certainly invite you to be a part of the mission to keep music alive for the next several decades.


We are not journalists, no headline news, politics or religion.  The focus is on sharing authentic musician stories in their own words.  We never alter or enhance the content which means your viewing “real” conversations from real musicians.

We are inclusive, not exclusive as we strive to reach musicians from all genres both established and up-and-coming.  We believe that getting to know the musician their philosophy, art, and techniques will make a lasting impression on our community.  We value diversity, different backgrounds, races, countries of origin, regions, religion, sexual orientation and professions.

We are excited that we can be a positive platform that provides a channel that shares the musician’s successes and challenges.  We have been touched by the musician’s stories, their commitment, and their passion for music.  Moving forward, Applause to the Musician will connect to more musicians worldwide via Zoom interviews, we’ll build a blog platform so the musician can share their expertise and ultimately we’ll connect musicians to musicians.  Stay tuned as this journey is just beginning.