Who We Are

Hello Everyone – Applause to the Musician, is based in Houston, Texas and began as an idea in 2018 by Maggie Pollio, aka; Chinese Piano Lady   (Yes, she really goes by the Chinese Piano Lady).

Maggie has worked as a Piano Consultant since 1992 helping families, organizations, composers, and musicians select the finest piano.  Her journey has taken Maggie to piano factories all over the world, music trade shows, and global performances. Maggie works tirelessly behind the scenes with Applause ensuring the musicians are professionally represented through video editing and engagements on their social media channels.



Joining the Applause team is Kevin Hsieh, Maggie’s brother, who was the Program Director for Channel 55.5, Chinese TV Station here in Houston. Kevin is a meticulous professional who brings more than 20 years of international media expertise.


The last addition to the Applause team is Maggie’s husband, Jerry Pollio. Jerry brings 25 years of international entrepreneurial expertise specializing in marketing and communications. Our commitment to this mission has grown well beyond our expectations, and we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the musicians who believe in being a part of this important journey.


Moxie “the Standard in Poodles” is now 12 years old. Moxie is seriously energetic, somewhat of an alpha diva female but very sweet and loyal. Loves Chopin nocturnes, lies next to Maggie when she’s playing the piano and a true music lover!