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Joel Philippe von Lerber – Switzerland

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Mystery Loves Company

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Our Mission

The mission for the Applause to the Musician project is a simple one. We support the dedication, voice, spirit, and character of musicians who have dedicated their lives to the art and craft of music. We firmly believe talented musicians deserve to be heard and heard from. Their boundless commitment deserves our respect and support as their journey is sometimes a lonely one. We also believe artists and fans can be empowered by providing another channel of communication above and beyond the songs and compositions. The ultimate goal is to inspire a new generation of creative dedicated musicians who will continue to build sustenance for the soul and spirit through music.

Who We Are

Applause to the Musician began as an idea in 2018 by Maggie Pollio, aka; Chinese Piano Lady (Yes, she really goes by the Chinese Piano Lady). Maggie has worked as a Piano Consultant since 1992 helping families, organizations, composers, and musicians select the finest piano. Her journey has taken Maggie to piano factories all over the world, music trade shows, and global performances. Joining the Applause team is Kevin Hsieh, Maggie’s brother, who was the Program Director for Channel 55.5, Chinese TV Station here in Houston. Kevin is meticulous and brings years of international media expertise. The last addition to the Applause team is Maggie’s husband, Jerry Pollio. Jerry brings years of international entrepreneurial expertise specializing in marketing and communications. To quote, Jerry, “how fortunate to be surrounded by such amazing talent”.


We do this by interviewing and professionally recording the interviews which are then uploaded to the musician's social media channels. We think the world is a better place having access to a variety of musical ideas. What better way to express those thoughts than with an interview where each interview is as unique as the artist being interviewed? There is no monetary cost to the musician except their time devoted to sharing their unique story. Our interviews focus entirely on the artist being interviewed, simple straightforward conversation about their journey, their challenges, their experiences and ultimately their wisdom in pursuing a music career. Our why, we want to contribute and insure that the next generation will have the opportunity and privilege to enjoy the beauty of music. We do not know where this journey will take us but we certainly invite you to be a part of the mission to keep music alive for the next several centuries.